History of Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company

In 1874 farmers and Grangers living near the headwaters of Briar Creek petitioned to form a mutual fire insurance company due to the excessive premiums and limited availability of coverage. Early policies provided protection only against fire and were written on an assessable basis. In the early years policyholders had to be affiliated with a Grange and only rural property was covered. By 1919 the company began accepting town and village property as eligible risks.

The company weathered many financial hardships in its early years. Recessions, inflationary periods and the Great Depression all led to challenges of the company’s financial stability. In 1946 the management began the laying aside of modest surplus funds each year. In the intervening years these surplus funds have grown to over $6 million to provide protection to the policyholder owners of the company.

In 1953 property was bought in Orangeville. The headquarters are still located at this site.

In 1955 the company amended and restated the charter to permit the writing of additional coverages and policies. Homeowners policies were first written in 1958. Subsequently the company has added farmowners, mobilehomeowners, and businessowners policies.

In 1975 the company celebrated it centennial. Now over 130 years since its founding the company remains true to the vision of its founders to provide sound insurance protection at the lowest possible cost. Past experience perceptively applied is wisdom.

Our Mission

The Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company, a property and casualty insurance company owned by policyholders, is dedicated to providing prompt, personalized and high quality insurance service at a fair price, continuing a high standard of service since 1874.

Our Vision

The Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company is dedicated to protecting our policyholders and retaining their trust through personalized service and commitment to long term stability.

2017 Operating Results

Direct Earned Premiums $4,624,710
Net Premiums Earned 2017 $2,217,273
Underwriting Income $156,874
Net Investment Income $435,719
Addition to Policyholders Surplus $60,612