Assets & Liabilities


Cash in Bank

Available for payment of losses, current operating expenses and any emergency that may arise. Certificates of Deposit, Saving, and Checking Account.



Amortized valuations on Government and Corporate Bonds.

Real Estate $402,812
U.S. Bonds Mutual Funds $9,010,283
Accrued Investment Income $38,822
Reinsurance Recoverable $254,275
Advance Premiums $414,565
Equities in Pools $31,049
Furniture Equipment $19,471
Total $16,855,067


Reserves for:


Representing Claims in process including loss adjustment expenses.


Unearned Premiums

The amount required to pay the return premiums should all policies be cancelled as of this date.


Other Expenses

For the payment of all other liabilities.

Deferred Income Taxes $60,358
Reinsurance Balance Due $-290,677
Commissions Payable $151,279
Federal Income Tax $66,457
Policyholders Surplus $14,744,972
Total $16,855,067